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Thursday, August 29 2013

Protect and serve with DIY Mason jar straw lids


Summer is all about taking that afternoon beverage al fresco. And in the warm sun, as you sit back and relax with your drink in hand, life is pretty fantastic — until the bugs arrive.

The age-old battle between pest and man commences almost immediately. Swipes and blows are exchanged over your drink as it sits defenceless against curious wasps and kamikaze fruit flies.

However, your glass can be outfitted with the necessary armour to protect itself, as demonstrated with this enterprising project from Cheryl Spangenberg of thatswhatchesaid.net.

By altering Mason jar lids and adding a funky straw, the liquid goods are safe and your outdoor glassware is now kind of adorable.

Score two points for the humans!


  • Mason jar with lid
  • 5/16-inch rubber grommets
  • power drill with 3/8-inch drill bit
  • fun straws
  • scrap piece of wood

How-to: Mason jar straw lids

For full directions on how to get these sweet Mason jar straw lids head to Spangenberg’s website: thatswhatchesaid.net.

Do you DIY?

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Tuesday, August 13 2013

How to get a beachy look that lasts


Sweat, heat, sand, ocean, ketchup — a beach-day face braves all the elements and your usual makeup routine won’t do.

Summer makeup has to be industrial enough to last through an afternoon barbecue or skimboard session, but not so heavy that it slides off your face in layers.

This is where the experts at Maybelline New York come in.

“The perfect beauty look for a day at the beach is really about perfect complexion, glowing skin and feeling confident and gorgeous without ‘overdoing’ it,” says Canada’s lead Maybelline makeup artist Grace Lee.

To get the effortless (looking) beach face that lasts, Lee advises taking the following steps:

How to: beach-perfect makeup

  1. First, apply Dream Fresh BB Cream ($11). Apply like a moisturizer, and massage into skin. Huge bonus: it has SPF 30!
  2. Curl eyelashes. This makes a big difference in making the eyes appear bigger.
  3. For the eyes, apply a long-wear cream eyeshadow like our Colour Tattoo line. This is key when you want colour on the eyes, but don’t want it running down your face from heat and sweat. A favourite colour is Barely Branded ($9). It’s a light champagne colour that adds just enough sheen to the eyelids. You can use your finger, or lightly blend with a soft bristle brush.
  4. Waterproof mascara is crucial at the beach, especially if you are going to swim. Falsies Big Eyes Mascara ($12) is perfect for a wide-eyed look thanks to its dual-ended wand (one end for the top lashes and the other for the bottom). Apply at the root of the lash and wiggle outwards and upwards. I always suggest black!
  5. Using a sheer blush like the Bouncy Blush will create that warm soft glow to the cheeks and not make it look like too much makeup. For summer, the shade Candy Coral is so pretty and looks great on a lot of skin tones ($10). Use your fingers and tap gently into the blush and blend into the apples of the cheeks.
  6. Finishing with the lips, I would avoid too much lip gloss as sand might stick to it. Baby Lips balm to the rescue! You get a hint of colour and SPF 20 ($5). You can apply without a mirror because it’s so sheer. Pink Punch is that perfect amount of pink. Also, a little trick if you don’t have blush, you can use it on the cheeks too for a sheer tint of colour.
  7. *TOP TIP: My tip for conquering the heat is to always remember to keep it light, fresh and sheer. Just as you wouldn’t wear a heavy coat in the summer, it should be the same idea for makeup. Keeping your foundation sheer is key to looking great in the heat.

Tips for the men too!

  1. Disappearing sunscreen for the face. Protect mugs with a sunscreen that doesn’t feel gunky or cling to facial hair. Lee recommends Ombrelle’s SPF 60 Face Ultra-fluid Lotion, which rubs in, leaving no wet residue, texture or trace (I tried this stuff, it completely disappears!)
  2. Clear mascara for those wayward brows. Keep the caterpillars in place, regardless of the beachside wind-factor.

Wednesday, August 7 2013

Summer scrub to the rescue


This dry skin saver might smell good enough to eat — but don’t.

Every summer feet across the country are evolving, right in their owners’ flippy floppies.

Just like creatures native to the desert and its sand dunes, exposed skin is hardening, drying and developing scary snake-like scales thanks to a gruelling season of backyard barbecues, water sports and beach days.

So, because hobbit feet don’t go well with your Essie pedicure, try a little hair of the dog that bit you — with Carlee Scanlon’s summer sea salt scrub.

It takes minutes to prepare and can be used on your entire sun-kissed (and dried-out) body to slough off the dead stuff and leave skin glowing.

Hello beach goddess, goodbye lizard lady!

Check out more scrubs from Scanlon at deliciouslyorganized.com.


  • sea salt
  • raw sugar
  • coconut oil
  • sweet orange essential oil

How-to summer sea salt scrub:

Make this energizing scrub for yourself or present it as a gift for any August babies on your list.

For more on how to make it, check out Scanlon’s post here.