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Sunday, May 29 2016

The Office Chair That Got Away


Alt headline: Ode to An Office Chair

Alt alt headline: How West Elm Stole My Heart and Crushed My Dreams in One Google Search

It’s sort of a hazard of the job that you regularly fall in love with beautiful pieces of furniture.

This particular mid-century modern Saddle office chair from West Elm (on the left) has been popping up in designer homes everywhere for the past year (I spied it most recently in an adorable office from Shift Interiors that we featured on Western Living), so I’m not the only one who’s been harbouring a crush.

I suppose I enjoy it so much because it’s in the Eames-ian mid-century modern molded form with splayed out A-line legs (in mid-tone wood no less), but the stripes give it a contemporary twist—which are so palette-perfect in white on smokey grey.

I don’t remember falling for a piece of furniture like this before (especially one that I’ve never sat on) and it’s only now that I’ve decided I’m going to buy it (price be damned, available space in apartment be damned!) that I’ve discovered it’s not for sale. The cold words “No Longer Available” sit on its page just now and mock all of us who are so very late to the party.

Whereas everything else in my East Van abode was given to me or purchased with an immediate need on a minimal budget, this was going to be my first foray into curating a space filled with objects I love that represent me personally. I’m not totally defeated yet, there’s always ebay and maybe some special designer craigslist I’ve yet to discover on the Interwebs, but the moral of the story is: if you love it, don’t hesitate, or you’ll be left writing about its tragic loss on your blog.