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Tuesday, May 31 2016

Spotted: Glam. Gold. Balloon DIY.

A photo posted by Veronica Halim (@truffypi) on

Often DIY projects come along and I’m like, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?” A similar phenomenon occurs with sightings of abstract art pieces that strike my fancy: I snap a pic and think I can replicate it for under $50 and have it up on my walls by the weekend. Oh yeah, that works out 100% of the time.

The results of doing something yourself aren’t always going to be display-worthy (I was less than heartbroken when I left my mini Jackson Pollock at an old apartment, for example) and that’s why I love this project I spied on @truffypi‘s Instagram this past weekend.

Yes, it’s working with metallic foil which is A MENACE, and the finickiest sticks-to-itself-and-everything-but-what-you-want-it-to substance, but getting a gold foil smear on a balloon? BABIES could do this (baby shower idea? hellooo) with the finished product looking nothing short of Lady Gaga-BDay, drop-dead fabulous. PLUS there are so many options. You could also do rose gold (heart eyes emoji) on white balloons for a wedding, or gold on mint, silver on navy—all great ideas you can put into production trying to use up the rest of your Martha Stewart foil transfer packet.


Martha Stewart Crafts Foil Transfer Sheets from Michaels (in copper, gold, silver). Could not get a decent photo of these to save my life.