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Saturday, May 21 2016

MAY 2016 Music Playlist


Every year or so I manage to steal away enough time to sit down and extract all my Shazams for one #nowplaying playlist. Today is that day! Also, I’ve made a lil feature photo from one of my favourite possessions: The Pattern Box! I found it at Pottery Barn last year and just recently had time to go through it. It’s a collection of postcards with designs on them made by female creatives in textiles, painting etc. and it is bursting will cool patterns, prints and designs, like this floral from Helen Dealtry.

Without further ado, the latest music mix I’m going to have to find space for on my iPhone:

Saturday, January 31 2015

On the PLAYLIST: January 2015


After purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S5, my aging brain has had a tough time adjusting to a new system of music player. As a result, the small playlist of songs I first put on there last April hasn’t changed — it even includes the pre-loaded Samsung anthem track that I can’t seem to get ride of.

First step: Make a January playlist. Second step: Find a way to get it on my phone …