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Tuesday, November 30 2010

Last night I had a Passion fit

Passion Pit plays the Vogue Theatre, Nov. 30, 2010

Overall, if you haven’t seen Passion Pit before, you are not alone, but you are missing out.

Electric mixes set to big beats make this band a must-see. However, last night’s venue was a poor pick because the Vogue Theatre, with its velvet movie seats and upper balcony, is much more live play than dance party.

This didn’t stop the crowd though, and dancing people packed into all free areas of space from the stage up into the aisles in what must have been the fire hazard to end all fire hazards.

The band came on after two surprisingly talented openers, Pepper Rabbit followed by We Barbarians – no doubt these bands will be next year’s favourite indie flavours.

Gyrating with energy and dance moves, Passion Pit finally burst onto the stage with I’ve Got Your Number.

Lead singer Michael Angelakos and his band mates Ian Hultquist (keyboards/guitar), Ayad Al Adhamy (synth/samples), Jeff Apruzzese (bass/synth bass) and Nate Donmoyer (drums), played all their popular tracks to a spastic crowd, including my personal favourite, To Kingdom Come.

Band-to-audience chatter was minimal throughout their set until Angelakos admitted that he had forgotten the words to the song he was singing. He had just started the first few sentences of Little Secrets before stopping mid-sentence to say that he’s not singing this song in Vancouver without knowing the lyrics. In what might have been a clever ploy to talk to cute girls, he asked the crowd for help. He said that he has played this song 400 to 500 times live and has never forgotten the words. Comically, two seconds later he was borrowing a black smart phone from someone in the crowd and kept it up on his keyboard for reference.

An unusual intermission to say the least, but Passion Pit soon got back their momentum and its audience, with everyone singing, “I am, I am, I am” along with Angelakos throughout the rest of the flubbed song.

Musicians, like all people, should be able to make mistakes, and like Angelakos said, “Sh*# happens,” but shortly after the lyrical mishap he said that he was tired and this unfortunately set the tone for the rest of the set.

The crowd held on until the very end when they played their big hit Sleepyhead during the encore, but overall the show was good – not great, fun – but not freaking-amazing. When seeing a favourite band live, one hopes to be taken beyond the track listing. The band should be better on stage, instead of just as good as playing the CD.

Even though there was a bonding moment when the lead singer played his own game of Don’t Forget the Lyrics, this wasn’t enough to really engage the audience and rock their rain-soaked socks off. Like Angelakos said, they are not going to be back in Vancouver for a while, so it’s too bad that their latest impression wasn’t a passionate one.

Odd things of note: The Passion Pit mic was all white like an iPod, Angelakos had a small towel just for his hair sweat, the security guy onstage had lips like Angelina Jolie and I don’t think that girl ever got her phone back.

Wednesday, November 24 2010

Long time no Passion Pit

Now that I’ve turned over the journalism leaf, I have discovered that I can’t just copy and paste photos I like off the Internets to go along with my wordplay. So thur you be, that thing in the photo is a royalty-free passion pit. I can’t get over how ugly it is! Dispassion pit!

Anyways, Passion Pit the band, not the fruit entrails, is in Vancouver on Monday Nov. 29, at the Vogue Theatre. So excited to see them again after our first encounter at the Sasquatch Music Festival this past May.

Totally forgot until I was creeping through photos that one of the band members looks like Josh Hartnett. Babe bonus!
Also, how badly do I want to stick things in the lead singer’s hair? It’s like a backcombed lady-wig from the 70s!

For a Passion-filled warmup

Thursday, July 29 2010

My July’s-Almost-Over Playlist

My latest band discovery is Two Door Cinema Club. I’m probs years behind all the hip kids that heard them first, BUT I don’t care! I am into them now, and it shouldn’t matter if I first heard them on an episode of The Hills. Anyways, they are from Ireland, but sound the exact opposite of Villagers. They are peppy and poppy, and as carefree as a summer fling. So maybe they’re from a part of Ireland where it doesn’t rain 250 days of the year?

Also, nice creepy video guys.

My Late-July Tune Train:

Undercover Martyn – Two Door Cinema Club (On repeat)

This Is The Life – Two Door Cinema Club

Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club

My Girls – Animal Collective

Time to Pretend – MGMT

Someone’s Missing – MGMT (the best part is the end, so listen to the whole thing)

Knocked Up – Kings of Leon vs Lykke Li

Fancy Footwork – Chromeo

Ghostwriter Remix – RJD2

Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap (I got into it, then got sick of it, then got into it again)

Fader – The Temper Trap

11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas

Heart It Races – Architecture in Helsinki

Foxes Mate For Life – Born Ruffians

Badonkadonkey – Born Ruffians

Want U – Grum (Good walking about town song)

Look Me In The Eye Sister – Groove Armada (New Black Light album so good, and not at all Superstylin’-y)

Day Glo – Brazos (Favourite)

Baby Said – Hot Chip

Bear – The Antlers

The Reeling – Passion Pit

Dull To Pause – Junior Boys

Diamonds Are Forever – Arctic Monkeys

(Sittin’ on) The Dock Of A Bay – Otis Redding

Hard Knock Life – Jay-Z

Waiting In Vain – Bob Marley