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Saturday, May 21 2016

The KonMari Method (1 Month Later)


When I was in Tofino for a work trip back in April, I picked up this little number at a local bookshop. I had heard my co-worker talking about this best-selling “tidying” book before and the moment I held Marie Kondo‘s work in my hands—and this is so appropriate, as anyone who’s read it will know—I felt a zing 0_0. I had to have it! I sensed strongly, as I have with so many new book purchases, that it was going to substantially change my life.

The thing is, I have a history with clutter and holding on to every last thing I’ve ever owned.


Came home to find this “love letter” from my boyfriend. He’s such a saint to put up with my ways!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up basically says, if you love it (does it “spark joy?”), keep it. If you don’t, say goodbye. This yardstick is so simple and yet I’ve battled with holding on to crap I don’t like (just in case it someday proves useful) my entire life. She recommends holding every single last item in your hands to help you decide (which takes a bit of time). To do the whole method, which brings you in stages from clothing to books to misc. to papers to mementos took me a whole week off work, and I didn’t even start the photo/memento stage (maybe next year).


The book says to pile all your clothes (every last item!) in one spot and go through it piece by piece assessing for joy.

I LOVED the section on folding where you get to put all your remaining clothes away. The closet you arrange from left-to-right darkest to lightest (this actually makes a difference) and Kondo even has a special technique for folding dresser drawer items so they’re all easily visible.


You’re supposed to fold them so everything is standing up. It looks tedious, but once you do it, it’s done and when I’m feeling too lazy to fold things properly, I dump them on top and then there’s only a couple shirts/pants out of place and I fold ’em when I have time.

The Result: It really is amazing when the only clothes in your closet are your absolute favourites—same goes with books on your bookshelf and the decor in your house. I needed to go shopping right after, because I had chucked 90% of my office-appropriate attire, but an excuse to frequent 8th and Main is hardly a downside. It’s a month later and the years of journalism clippings/school assignments/craft supplies I got rid of haven’t weighed on me in the slightest, and my overall home is feeling lighter and brighter. Just need to get these five garbage bags of clothes out to a Big Brothers donation bin and I’ll be laughing (and back in boyfriend’s good graces).

I found this video really helpful when it came to folding (which is hard to describe in a book):