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Friday, August 6 2010

Can something be endearingly offensive?

A look at Britain’s new comedy series, The Inbetweeners

What it’s all about:

The newly riches-to-rags Will is sent to a public school and befriends (follows) three particularly average boys in his grade. They do most things sixteen year-old boys would do, like try to get a girlfriend (unsuccessful), try to look cool (unsuccessful), and try to have sex (technically, unsuccessful). Unfortunately for them, they don’t have the necessary looks, intelligence, or charm to help them succeed in any of their teenage goals, but it sure is fun to watch them try.

More than just juvenile antics, this series is brutally honest about what young boys say and do, no matter how bad it looks. As a Canadian, used to a more politically correct TV experience, I find this show shocking. No one is safe – not the homosexuals, or the disabled – when it comes to telling stories or insulting each other’s moms. However, as offensive as they are on paper, they still manage to win you over. In the beginning it could be said that they came together to protect themselves from the elements. Public school and all its treachery is easier to navigate in groups, but throughout the series they show us the ups and downs of true friendship. Even if it is laugh first, help your friend out later.

The Inbetweeners, which refers to their age and not their gender, is laugh-out-loud, protective-underwear, funny. Winning the prestigious BAFTA audience award this past year, this series is finally beginning to garner the respect and support that it deserves. Returning this fall (fingers crossed) for its third season, you can find most of their episodes online, or in select video stores (so select I haven’t found any).

Here’s a clip: