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Thursday, August 15 2013

DIY: Shorts gone wild

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 4.30.53 PM

When life hands you lemons, you make leopard spots

Not every pair of shorts is born beautiful. Sometimes they need a little bleaching or distressing to get them to where you want.

This particular pair of rouge short shorts from BCBGeneration was near perfect, but famed L.A. fashion blogger Geri Hirsch of Becauseimaddicted.net must have sensed there was something missing.

To create the perfect summer concert bottoms, Hirsch enlisted the services of one black fabric pen. And the beauty of this project, (besides its obvious beauty), is that this is something you can easily replicate yourself no matter how bad you were at art class.

Whether you’re transforming an old pair that’s past its Maximus Prime, or like Hirsch, you want to upcycle a fabulous pair so they are even more fabulous — the visual evidence is undeniable — leopard spots are the answer.


  • shorts
  • X-Acto knife
  • leopard print stencil
  • fabric pen
How-to: leopard shorts

Find full directions and more photos of how to recreate these wild shorts on Hirsch’s website here.

Friday, November 16 2012

Mo-over your closet for Movember


Everyone has shirts that have fallen out of rotation. You won’t wear them for months, maybe even years, and yet they remain — desperately clinging to life on a plastic hanger. Whether they’re out of style, out of favour or just sooo last week, it’s time to put them out of their misery.

Fear not, stage-1 hoarders, if you can’t bring yourself to give them away to the brothers and the sisters, you can make an old, forgotten shirt new and desirable again with a Movember-themed makeover (or mo-over).

Movember, also known as the excuse to go mo-crazy, is in full swing, and this week’s moustache-themed project is just one more way you can show your support for the Mo Bros who have valiantly donated their faces to help raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer.

Moustache tee

Thankfully, the inept puffy paints of the 80s have been superseded by Sharpie fabric-staining pens that offer the precision a mo requires ($18.50 from Opus Art Supplies). No lightly coloured shirts, hats or shoes are safe!


Mo tee how-to

  1. Find a shirt and use bull clips to secure a hard surface where you want to draw your moustache shape (these pens go through so a separator is mandatory).
  2. Make sure it’s centred!
  3. To make an easy-to-trace stencil, you can print one out from the Interwebs or make your own by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting out half the ’stache, just like you did with hearts in grade school.
  4. Trace around shape with a pencil first and then colour it in.

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Friday, October 19 2012

From bottles to britches



Britches are pants right?

Levi’s has far outdone my efforts to upcycle, turning 3.5 million recycled bottles into JEANS with its ‘Waste<Less’ collection, launching spring 2013.

To turn throw-aways into threads, bottles and food trays are collected, sorted by colour, crushed into flakes and then made into polyester fiber. I’m sure there’s a DIY for that somewhere on YouTube. Oh, and there is. (You just need a factory or two.)

The post consumer pants will retail for US$70 to US$130. Wonder what they’ll sell for here with our on-par exchange rate…

source: Taxi