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Sunday, August 8 2010

Trolling for tunes: August Edition

Image stollen from ProFish, please don't sue me

After the unfortunate demise of my favourite alternative indie radio station, woxy.com, I have had to go searching for new music on my own. There are a lot of online indie and alt-rock radio stations out there, and there is also a lot of crap indie and alt-rock music. This means that quality output can be a challenge, and so far I haven’t found another station that I can enjoy with consistency. So in the meantime, out I go, into the scores of indie playlists, searching for something, anything, worth listening to.

This list is kind of like when all the dark winter clothes come into stores while it’s still summer. Most of these tracks are not exactly bright and peppy, but hopefully classics you can wear all season?

Where I’m Going – Cut Copy (beach boys-y)

Revival – Deer Hunter

Boyfriend – Best Coast (As catchy as it is needy)

Baltimore – Tennis

Heart to Tell – The Love Language

Computer Magic – Electronic Fences (sounds like the title)

Solid Ground – Maps & Atlases (this will be a good movie soundtrack song)

The Happy Mondays – Innocence Mission (downy alert)

I Heart California – Admiral Radley

Fol Chen – The Holograms (I kinda really like the music video)

Belong – Washed out

Night & Day – Chief (Every guy in this band has longer hair than me)

Forget Me Not – Thieves Like Us

Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill (If cheerleaders had a band, but not annoying)

What My Life Could Have Been – A Classic Education

Younger Us – Japandroids (The closest I’ll ever come to enjoying whiney punk rock)

Lying Around – Magic Bullets (The Clash-y)

Youth – Beach Fossils

Bushwick Blues – Delta Spirit

Heaven and Earth – Blitzen Trapper (Fleet Fox-y-ish)

Sweetest Kill – Broken Social Scene

Much thanks to Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlist and the Indie Rock Cafe for their musical contributions.