• style_feat_dress2
  • Dresses to impress at Forever 21

    Going to Vegas at the end of January and I need me some party dresses! Took a quick virtual stroll through Forev’s collection and found heaps of candidates for work and play — some as low as $9. The max price on this list is $35 (That’s a pair of plush pantyhose from American Apparel). […]

  • makeup_featweb
  • Fall/Winter: Gritty makeup rules the catwalk

    If the runway is any indication, this coming makeup season is set to be one of the edgiest yet, embracing the heavy liner and bold full-face application of a girl on hour six of a big night out. The experts at Maybelline New York have highlighted these top trends — looks that they’ve worked on backstage at […]

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  • I dream of ombre

    Getting the hair itch lately, which often happens when my hair is brown town, or a new year approaches (currently experiencing both). I have this urge to get crazy! Go blonde! Go red! Get blue tips! It’s fun to keep the coif on the trendy side, but I always end up settling on the more […]

  • diy canada day feat
  • Patriotic pumps for Canada Day

    Canadians aren’t known for being boastful people — but on Canada Day it’s a whole different hockey game. Across the country, citizens gather outdoors for fireworks, parades and barbecues wearing every loud-and-proud, fabulously mismatching Canadian thing they own — all visible skin not covered by red-and-white clothing is filled in with (polite) nationalist graffiti and […]

  • mo_tee_ft
  • Mo-over your closet for Movember

    Everyone has shirts that have fallen out of rotation. You won’t wear them for months, maybe even years, and yet they remain — desperately clinging to life on a plastic hanger. Whether they’re out of style, out of favour or just sooo last week, it’s time to put them out of their misery. Fear not, […]

  • From bottles to britches

    Britches are pants right? Levi’s has far outdone my efforts to upcycle, turning 3.5 million recycled bottles into JEANS with its ‘Waste<Less’ collection, launching spring 2013. To turn throw-aways into threads, bottles and food trays are collected, sorted by colour, crushed into flakes and then made into polyester fiber. I’m sure there’s a DIY for […]