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  • MAY 2016 Music Playlist

    Every year or so I manage to steal away enough time to sit down and extract all my Shazams for one #nowplaying playlist. Today is that day! Also, I’ve made a lil feature photo from one of my favourite possessions: The Pattern Box! I found it at Pottery Barn last year and just recently had […]

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  • On the PLAYLIST: January 2015

    After purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S5, my aging brain has had a tough time adjusting to a new system of music player. As a result, the small playlist of songs I first put on there last April hasn’t changed — it even includes the pre-loaded Samsung anthem track that I can’t seem to get ride of. […]

  • Play with money in your spare time

    It’s always been a secret hobby of mine (even before debit and VISA cards ensured I would never see physical money again) to roll coins. The methodical stacking, the focus required to keep count, the mess at the bottom of your purse turning into cash — it’s like a runner’s high. I imagine. This stress-free, […]

  • Because everyone deserves a holiday

    This whole year has flown by, in large part, because I took zero breaks. With vacation time,  it’s ‘use it or lose it,’ so I took December off (two sundays and a week at Christmas) to work on sleeping more and eating dinner before 10 p.m. The results have been awesome! I haven’t had any […]