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  • Operation Vegan Breakfast

    I knew today was DAY ONE of a self-imposted one-month vegan challenge, but I didn’t really prepare. So it’s 10 a.m., I’m STARVING and scrambled eggs on toast isn’t a vegan option. Cereal is my other go-to, but my boyfriend tells me that even though we’ve got almond milk, our cereal isn’t vegan. What animal […]

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  • Going Vegan in Vancouver (for a month): Day 1

    I love meat, I love dairy, eggs and milk in particular. I’ve never been vegetarian, vegan or ever considered giving up meat because I don’t like a lot of vegetables — I HATE SALAD — and death by malnutrition seemed likely. My boyfriend and I were perusing the documentary section of Netflix and checked out […]

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  • Introducing the Philly Cheesesteak POCKET

    I’m not known for cooking, let alone culinary innovation, and yet last week’s evening meal gave birth to a revelation in the Philly Cheesesteak world. I give you The Cheesesteak Pocket. Note how the hollowed-out loaf differs from the two-piece, open-faced sandwich variety, a move that contains the ingredients and ensures not a drip leaves […]