Thursday, December 5 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater is the new beautiful

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Ugly Christmas Sweater creation grips the nation

Is there a mainstream competition on Earth more forward thinking, more visually impressive, than the battle for ugliest Christmas sweater?

Fast becoming the school science fair entry for adults, the UCS — like Frankenstein’s monster — has taken on a life of its own. The inventive use of materials, the construction of 3-D elements, parts that light up — this constant one-upping has led to groundbreaking design and Gaga-esque innovation that is as fun for the spectators as the participants.

To guide you in creating this year’s prototype, or your improvements upon last year’s model, we bring you six inspirational iterations of ugly Christmas sweater. Don’t forget: more is more and if you suspect you’ve gone too far, it’s likely you haven’t gone far enough.

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