Sunday, February 24 2013

Hit the books with A Good Chick To Know

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Local design experts A Good Chick To Know are smart ladies who like equally smart centrepieces — and what’s more brainy than an upcycled book? Last week the chicks showed us how to dabble in golden decor and this week we hit the books — but in a fun way;)


  • A book of your choice

How to: ‘Words of Wisdom’ book centrepiece

  • Step 1: find a hard cover book you love; opt for a cool vintage one to add some style!
  • Step 2: open the book leaving about one inch of pages before you make the first fold (or begin at the first page if the book offers a beautiful inside cover).
  • Step 3: taking 2 or 3 pages together, make one large off-centred fold, folding one side edge of the papers down to meet the binding seam
  • Step 4: now take the opposing side edge of the same pages and make a smaller fold to complete the off-centred triangle. *repeat this step four times to have thickness in the finished design
  • Step 5: start the process again, but this time make your folds in the reverse direction (to create the illusion that the off-centred triangle set is ‘leaning‘ in the opposite direction) *repeat four times to add depth and match the thickness of Step 3
  • Step 5: now begin the folds in the same direction as Step 3 and continue repeating steps 3-5 until you have about an inch of paper left on the backside of the book if you did so at the front, or fold straight through to the end if you began at the front cover
  • Step 7: viola! Your super fab centrepiece is ready to go — you can use it as a creative napkin holder or leave it as-is to create a conversation piece over dinner. If your book is chosen correctly, you can even send a message to your guests — hosting a Valentine’s dinner? Opt for a selection of Renaissance or Romantic poetry!

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