Friday, March 14 2014

Book smarts: Book crate DIY

Exhibit A: Bernstein's children's playroom book pile. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

Exhibit A: Bernstein’s children’s playroom book pile. (PHOTO SUBMITTED)

Kids who love to read aren’t necessarily kids who love to put books away. Although it’s hard to blame the children on this one, because unless they’re neatly organized on a shelf, paperbacks and pop-up works alike are inherently messy.

That’s why when I came across this project from Lori Bernstein of, she had my full book-nerd attention.


Bernstein took the average dollar-store or craft-store crate and transformed her kids’ book pile area into this super chic, user-friendly and even adult-appropriate home for books. Piled in or filed in, any mess is contained in a classy crate that could sit in the kids’ room or by the living room chaise lounge.

You can stain and stencil like Bernstein, or write your own aesthetic ending — the decorating possibilities are limited only to your imagination.


Wooden crate (find at Michaels craft stores or dollar stores), wood stain, stencils, craft paint, casters, sandpaper, polycrylic spray

Find the full tutorial here on Bernstein’s blog.

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