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  • Spotted: Glam. Gold. Balloon DIY.

    A photo posted by Veronica Halim (@truffypi) on May 28, 2016 at 2:02am PDT Often DIY projects come along and I’m like, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?” A similar phenomenon occurs with sightings of abstract art pieces that strike my fancy: I snap a pic and think I can replicate it for under $50 and […]

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  • Five ways to rock the air plant

    If you’re looking for some low maintenance greenery with endless decor possibilities — the air plant is it My best friend had an air plant terrarium in her bathroom for a year before someone told her it needed to be watered. That’s my kind of plant. And one Vancouver creative has taken the soil-free sensation […]

  • mario_ft
  • DIY: Geek-chic art using pumpkin stencils

    My brother and his girlfriend, both video game designers, are totally geek chic. So when I had the opportunity to make them a house-warming present, I thought hip nerd art for their new apartment would be just what Doctor Who ordered. The challenge was to craft something cool enough that they would actually hang up. […]

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  • Book smarts: Book crate DIY

    Kids who love to read aren’t necessarily kids who love to put books away. Although it’s hard to blame the children on this one, because unless they’re neatly organized on a shelf, paperbacks and pop-up works alike are inherently messy. That’s why when I came across this project from Lori Bernstein of, she had my […]

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  • Turn anything into a table — just add legs!

    Customizing the prefabricated is a smart way to get personalized decor affordably — one of this year’s major home trends. Back when I was asked to do the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge last fall, I had considered doing this exact project. We were tasked with upcycling an old door into a new piece of furniture to […]

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  • Ugly Christmas Sweater is the new beautiful

    Ugly Christmas Sweater creation grips the nation Is there a mainstream competition on Earth more forward thinking, more visually impressive, than the battle for ugliest Christmas sweater? Fast becoming the school science fair entry for adults, the UCS — like Frankenstein’s monster — has taken on a life of its own. The inventive use of […]