Sunday, March 1 2015

Going Vegan in Vancouver (for a month): Day 1


cover_vegucatedI love meat, I love dairy, eggs and milk in particular. I’ve never been vegetarian, vegan or ever considered giving up meat because I don’t like a lot of vegetables — I HATE SALAD — and death by malnutrition seemed likely.

My boyfriend and I were perusing the documentary section of Netflix and checked out Vegucated, a movie about three people challenged to go vegan for six weeks.

I had avoided seeing videos of inhumane slaughter practices on animals for my entire life, but being faced with what’s going on in modern farms or “meat factories” in the movie, it’s difficult to not feel at least a bit shit about it. Pigs trying to swim in boiling water, castration without any anesthetic, perpetually pregnant cows strapped to milking machines for their entire lives, and chickens — chickens have it the worst of all.

The reason behind me trying to go vegan for a month is more about the experiment, because I’m just too big of a hypocrite to go full vegan forever. I have multiple pairs of leather boots, one leather jacket, one suede purse, down pillows, a down duvet, boatloads of makeup that’s tested on animals and then there’s my wardrobe.

For me, it’s going to be about baby steps, and trying to eat vegan for a month is where I’m going to start. In the least, I am hoping to add new healthy recipes to my repertoire (of three recipes), and expand my vegetable palate horizons.


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